Looking to save without risk of loss? deposit lets you select from range of Notice or Fixed Term Deposit accounts from a single online Cash Platform.

Ready to deposit?

Choose a savings account and then register for a deposit account to make your first investment.


Open an account and then once setup, make a desposit via a Faster Payment from as little as £1,000.


Making the right decision

Before you begin, read below to make sure our deposit platform is right for you. And remember, we're always happy to give you the facts so you can make informed decisions.

Right for you if:
You'd like to manage your account online
You're after the lowest operating costs with Willis Owen
You're comfortable tying up your money for the fixed term period selected or giving notice to access your savings
You're over 18 and a UK resident.
Wrong for you if:
You'd rather have the account managed by post
You want joint accounts
You're concerned about volatility
You want a business account
You want a designated account.